Our Process

We take great care and give our full attention to you during every stage of
the website design project. See below our process from start to finish.

The Brief

The brief is the most important part of the entire project.
This is where we gather information on the design ideas, content, layout and other key characteristics that will form your website. We talk about what functionality the website will need as well as specific requirements such as sponsor graphics.

First Stage (Development)

This is the part where we start to build the initial frame of your site, this is often referred to as building a ‘Wireframe’. It’s like a skeleton of your website. At key points throughout this stage we will send you previews and let you use your website so you can see how it’s progressing.

Second Stage (Design)

Once we’ve gathered initial feedback from your use of the wireframe, we then build the rest of the site and bring all the elements together that you have requested. During all of the stages, we are constantly referring back to the brief, ensuring we are on track with what you have asked.This stage brings the most complete version of your website, and so this is the time we get the final bits of feedback from you and tweak parts if necessary.

Third Stage (Testing and Refinement)

At this part of the process, your website is almost ready. It’s like a cake without its icing. We know you’ll want to change and tweak a few things, so we get those changes done first. Now it’s time to thoroughly test every part of the website, including cross-compatibility across other browsers. Only once we have carried out full testing, will we then hand the site over to you and get it signed off.

Fourth Stage (Optional Paid SEO)

We include basic SEO with every site we build. If you want to get your site noticed and ranking higher in more places, we recommend taking our paid SEO option. We will further optimise your website and content in order to get you ranking higher. We will also get your site verified with Google and ensure the website passes all of Google’s key requirements.

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