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How do I access my webmail?

You can access your email accounts without having to configure an email client on any of your devices. Webmail provides an easy and secure way to check your email from anywhere through a web browser.


If you’ve purchased your domain and hosting together from MonkeyHost then your webmail can usually be accessed via e.g. if your domain is then you’ll use If this doesn’t work, then this usually means you either haven’t purchased your services from MonkeyHost or you haven’t set these services up correctly.


In this case, you can access webmail by accessing it at

How do I login to my hosting's control panel?

If you’ve purchased your domain and hosting together from MonkeyHost then your control panel can usually be accessed via e.g. if your domain is then you’ll use


You can also access your control panel from your customer area. Simply login to mPanel and click on the service you wish to access. Then, on the left under Actions, click on Login to cPanel. (This will be slightly different if you have a reseller package with us, and will show as Login to WHM).

Do I need to link my credit/debit card?

Although this is not a requirement, we do urge our customers to add a bank card to their account so they don’t miss payments and risk suspension of services. If you plan on manually paying each monthly invoice, then you don’t need to add a bank card to your account.


Payment services are provided by Stripe and are encrypted end-to-end with TLS encryption. No MonkeyHost employee can see your bank card number or details except the last 4 digits for verification. You can delete your card details at any time from within your customer area.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

Managing all aspects of your MonkeyHost account is straightforward and easy with the use of mPanel. Simply login here to manage all of your services, view and pay invoices online and order new services or products.

How secure is mPanel?

mPanel is encrypted using 256-bit encryption SSL. All data is fully encrypted along with any transactions made online. We use Stripe for processing online payments which are done on their servers and again are fully encrypted end-to-end using TLS encryption.

How do I cancel my account?

We would hate to see you go, but if you really do want to leave MonkeyHost, you can raise a cancellation request from within your account area on mPanel. You need to give us 30 days notice in most cases, unless this relates to a domain as domains we can cancel straight away. Cancellation tickets are raised on a per service basis, not on an account level, so you need to ensure you cancel the service you intend to cancel.


Once all services are cancelled on an account, you can request your account to be fully closed. Unfortunately, we cannot process an account closure on accounts that have active services.

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