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Get a free Status Page for your organisation

You may or may not have seen our status page over at

Well this is where all of our network incidents are displayed and it allows our customers to see exactly what is happening and when. This service is provided by a new startup business called Nixstats. Their service allows us to monitor and track all of our services and servers within the MHG Interserv network. The monitors update in realtime, meaning our customers can see issues immediately, so they aren’t left waiting asking questions as to what is happening.

Our team also update this page with incidents as soon as one happens and we keep updating customers periodically throughout the incident until it is resolved.

Nixstats offers a free plan as well as paid plans. You can sign up to a new account here.

The free plan allows you to monitor 5 services and have live stats and monitoring of one server installation.

It’s helpful for us, let it be helpful for you too!

Welcome to the new MonkeyHost UK

It’s official!
Our brand new site is now live and wow it’s nice, isn’t it?
Ok, without blowing our own trumpet, the whole point of this brand new website is to offer our services to you in a simpler, cleaner and easier way.

The new website features nice bold graphics, clean typography and a bright feel throughout.

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we loved building it.
Any questions, get in touch with us, we would love your feedback!

Many thanks,
The MonkeyHost Team